Here you can find products knowledge on the IDdesign range of products from our biggest suppliers.

Product knowledge is important to know on all products, it show competence and makes the customer relax.

But the most important thing is that you can translate it into benefits for the customer, something they can relate to.

Ex. High resilience foam. (HR) means that the Seat cushion will keep it shape for a longer time.

When we talk about products we use the QAB model.

Q (quality/ what it is) is a description of all the hard-core facts of the products.  The things descript here is normally not something you communicated to the customer unless they ask. Due to the fact that they do not know what it means.

A (advantage/ what it does) is a description of what the advantage is of the qualities.  Can be used in some degree to the customer.

B (benefits/ what it means for the customer) this is the most important because it tell exactly what all the quality means for the customer in everyday language so that they easy can related to it.  

Sofa QAB

Sofa’s is our main product category it is here we stand out compared to our competitors.

Therefore it is important that we know everything there is to know about them so we secure that the costumer get the right product in the right quality that fits he/here’s needs

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Dining QAB

In the Dining section you find the QAB’s on dining tables and sideboards.

Remember that you do not sell a dining table without trying to add on extra articles. 

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Living QAB

In the living section the find the QAB’s to the complementary things to the sofas.

Lounge chairs – Wall units – TV units – Coffee tables.

Remember that you do not sell a sofa without trying to add one or more of the above items – it is good service! 

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