Since the opening of the first IDEmøbler store in 1969, the IDdesign brand has become the most recognized furniture and lifestyle brand in Denmark. With the much anticipated opening of the first IDdesign store Dubai in 1995, the brand began its expansion outside Denmark. Today IDdesign furniture stores can be found in 9 countries across the Middle East and GCC area, Southern and Eastern Europe.

Company Structure. 

The IDdesign group is the largest and most prominent retailer in Denmark within the furniture and home decoration business. The Managing Director of IDdesign, has the overall responsibility for growth and development of the group. Headquater of the group is based in Sabro, Denmark.

IDdesign operates 3 retail brands and concepts; IDEmøbler, ILVA and IDdesign.

IDEmøbler logo

IDdesign owns and operates 31 furniture stores as well as 5 cooperational stores in Denmark, Iceland and in the Faroe Islands. The concept of IDEmøbler is characterized by a relatively wide assortment of classic Scandinavian design of premium quality. The brand is represented nationwide across Denmark and the stores cover an average of 3.000 square meters.

 ILVA logo

The ILVA brand and stores are owned and operated by IDdesign. The chain consists of 6 furniture stores in Denmark, 1 store in Malmø, Sweden as well as 1 store in Iceland, operated as a franchise concept. ILVA is based on a modern urban concept and is characterized by providing customers with unique design at competitive prices. The ILVA stores are generally large, covering an average of 6.000 square meters.

 Iddesign logo

The IDdesign brand covers 19 furniture franchise stores in the Middle East, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe. The franchise stores are based in some of the most prestigious locations across these markets. IDdesign is characterized by offering high quality Scandinavian design that has been slightly altered to suit other cultures. The IDdesign franchise stores cover an average of 1.500 square meters.